In the Classroom

School’s back in the session!

We know this is a super busy time and we are glad to hear so many reports of how this summer has inspired you all to try new teaching techniques. As you pilot your new lessons, we plan to visit as many of you as we are able to in your classrooms.

We can’t wait to see how your hard work from this summer is paying off.

To borrow a line from Kari Haddy, “Happy New School Year.”


You’ve Got Mail

If you haven’t already, please check your inboxes for the August 2013 KFP Insider Newsletter. In it you will see a recap from our July PD with a link to photos, a listing of opportunities and Lenovo’s App of the Month.

We also announced plans to launch a series of online externship stories we are calling “Beyond the Classroom.” These are Q&A style features that allow 2013-14 Fellows to talk about their externship experiences in their own words. The stories will be posted to our website with pictures of the Fellows at their work sites.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. We only contacted a few of you directly depending on our site visits but we want all of you to be able to share your experiences.

If you want to participate, please contact me at and I will send you a list of questions. Answer them briefly and send them back with a picture of you at your externship site. These stories are a great way to show the public and our supporters the amazing work you all are doing in your communities.