I am still working with my students on the final product, so I do not have a lot of information to share at this time about the after. I plan on updating this later to make sure I reflect on the process. The final product, a wearable device, is going to be featured with the […]

When a student has an “A-Ha” or “light bulb” moment, it is something that as an educator makes me light up with joy. I love it when students make connections in any possible way that they can. Students recently had this when I was teaching them about angle relationships– supplementary, complementary angles and why a […]

The Kenan Fellowship has first and foremost gotten me out of my “shell.” I now enjoy being a leader at my school and am willing to train other staff members. I try to make a meaningful impact that will help them grow as educators as well. I make sure I teach them things with intention. […]

The Kenan Fellow/ Mentor partnership was a life-changing experience for me. I grew out of my shell and tried new things that I would have probably never done otherwise — sewing, soldering, printing 3D cases, sanding. I learned about a different trade and how it is going to affect the next generation. I worked mostly […]

After attending the Professional Advancement Institutes, it was amazing to be offered an opportunity to collaborate and work with some of the top leaders in teaching and other STEM fields. I have learned so much from each of the institutes, I cannot choose one Professional Advancement Institute really to say that stood out more than […]

I am using mash-ups in my classroom. It helps students stay interested and engaged in my classroom. They love the ability to listen to music and having it be a variety. I also allow them to look up new mash-ups and send them to me. They have to be school-appropriate and they get certain days […]

As a result of my fellowship, I have made my teaching more student-centered. Students this year came up with and voted on 5 rules for each class. They also have taken on leadership roles to assist me with teaching. When someone does not do the role, I do not let anyone else fill that role […]

This next year I am teaching the lowest fourth level Math class offered– Essentials of College Math. It is for students that are seniors who want to go to college but lack foundational skills they need to start in college Math. My job is to bridge that gap. I plan on having my students participate […]

The most interesting moment of my internship was when my group and I had gone outside to test our RGB LED light. We had been working on the code to convert the voltage of the UV sensor was reading to UV intensity, and then ultimately, to UV index. We had tried multiple times to get […]

My internship experience was at NC State’s ASSIST Center making Wearable Devices. My group has made a hat we called the Huckleberry. It is targeted towards farmers and their livestock to help prevent them from getting skin cancer. We put a Spark Fun UV Sensor on the hat connected to a breadboard. The UV sensor […]