After the Process… to be continued

February 26th, 2017 by Annie Polashock

I am still working with my students on the final product, so I do not have a lot of information to share at this time about the after. I plan on updating this later to make sure I reflect on the process.

The final product, a wearable device, is going to be featured with the North Carolina Council for Teachers in Mathematics newsletter and possibly at their annual conference in October. I plan on sharing this idea and concept with other educators so that maybe they will try to do this with their students as well.

I see my students using this information to help them work better with groups, challenge themselves in all problems that they do, and look towards STEM career fields in the future. I hope that they pursue coding, building, designing, and creating things as they go. I hope that they do not turn down amazing opportunities because it might scare them. Believe it or not, have the students struggle and persevere through making a wearable device has helped them grow as people. I am excited to see how much they will grow in the future. I hope to have them come back to talk to my students each year and let me know how they are doing.

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