How the Fellowship has Changed Me

February 26th, 2017 by Annie Polashock

The Kenan Fellowship has first and foremost gotten me out of my “shell.” I now enjoy being a leader at my school and am willing to train other staff members. I try to make a meaningful impact that will help them grow as educators as well. I make sure I teach them things with intention. I have received such positive feedback overall, and any other feedback, I have used to help me grow. I am learning while they are learning. It is such a wonderful feeling!

Since the Kenan Fellowship, I have had no hesitation contacting professionals from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers to come in and talk with students. It was scary to me at first, but most of the time these people want to come in. They enjoy the experience and the kids like seeing someone in the field. I have seen the students doing more research on their own about various STEM fields and what they need to study in order to get there.

When thinking about my Fellowship, I also think about my Professional Development Plan that we had to create to show our personal growth. I decided to try the Seize the Data course offered through NCCAT. I was overwhelmed at times because it is a 40 hour course. However, I learned so much valuable information. I push my professional learning team to make assessments that are meaningful. I have my students reflect after post-tests. I have them chart their scores to see how they are doing. I even suggest progress monitoring and communicate with parents when students are not making necessary gains. The students, parents, and administration are really buying into the feedback because they see that the ultimate goal is to help students grow and be successful.

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