Lightning in a Bottle

How do you catch lightning in a bottle? It’s a common phrase and one that makes sense right off the bat (another interesting phrase), but how does that actually work? I mean the timing would have to be incredible. Do you have to change the size of the bottle? Does it have to be glass? All of these are ridiculous hypothetical questions because you cannot actually contain lightning in a bottle. Unless that “bottle” is a tesla coil in disguise.

I say all that to say this. Transferring my experience in a research internship setting to a universal educational product is like capturing lightning in a bottle. The experience I had are so context dependent and singular that broadening them to fit any teacher at any school given a few key parameters seems to almost cheapen it. But it doesn’t have to. The challenge is to take my perspective and bring it to a place where others can use it. Something I am not used to doing. I live in my world, isolated from all those other teachers around me. I guess the real challenge is making myself available and coming to a place where I feel i have some value to contribute to the larger amoeba of educational resources.