One component of the Kenan Fellowship is the Personal Remote Learning (PRL) Plan. This provides each Kenan Fellow with the opportunity to select professional development activities that they feel will most benefit them as an educator. Part of the PRL also involves working in a peer review group with other Kenan Fellows as we begin to develop and prepare lessons for our Kenan Fellows product.

The peer review group has been beneficial as I am developing my solar energy project for my classroom. I have been able to get ideas and feedback on my lessons that are helping make my project better for my students. It also gives me the opportunity to provide my group members with ideas and feedback to improve their own projects.

For my professional development activity, I will be participating in an educational policy summit in Raleigh in June, 2017. I am looking forward to this opportunity to learn more about the people and processes that shape educational policy in North Carolina. So often teachers are frustrated by policy decisions, but feel unable to effect positive changes. As I continue to grow as an educator, I hope to have the opportunity to positively impact elementary science instruction; not only in my classroom, but in my district and beyond.

I think that this PRL model helps to make professional development more relevant to the individual Kenan Fellows. Rather than a single professional development activity that may or may not be of interest to a teacher, each teacher can participate in activities that will benefit them in their own role as an educator.

The Kenan Fellows PRL Plan

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