I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Elena Veety as my mentor during my internship at NC State ASSIST.  Elena gave me freedom to explore and learn on my own, but was always there to work with me side by side to help me stretch beyond my comfort zone and challenge myself with new […]

I have recently completed professional development I selected when I created my remote learning plan.  I participated in a data-centered training called Seize the Data.  This was different for me than other professional developments of which I have been a part in that I was given the opportunity to self-select the PD that best suited […]

One new strategy I have put into place this year is to have students take turns facilitating the class.  We are in the middle of a large project right now.  If I need to teach a mini-lesson I do, then I turn the classroom over to a student.  This student spends some time visiting each […]

My students will benefit from the professional development at NCCAT in so many ways.  We have already incorporated much of the STEAM PD into our day.  Coincidentally, our school theme this year is “Do Your Best and Have Fun!”  My work at NC State with the ASSIST program helped me identify ways in which I […]

  One way I will definitely connect my summer internship to my classroom is by having a group of my students compete in the One Health Challenge ASSIST will be hosting this upcoming school year.  We were generously provided with class sets of technology by ASSIST.  Our students will use this technology to create a wearable […]

  Although I already knew, and believed personality types play a large role in our interactions with others,  I didn’t take a really good look at how and why.  The Myers Briggs test we all took was so eye opening and helpful to understanding myself and others.  This is something I will do in my […]

When I first began my internship, as I listened to a doctoral presentation on physics and how it is used to harvest energy, I will admit, there was  some initial panic and a substantial amount of self doubt.  I wondered if I somehow got assigned to the wrong internship.  I mean, I teach 6th grade math. […]

One resource that will easily transfer back into my classroom is a deeper understanding of teamwork.  I was asked to do exactly what I consistently ask my students to do. I was asked to collaborate on a long term project with a team that was selected for me on a product that required knowledge and […]

I think this internship gives ASSIST a bird’s eye view of the process of educating educators.  Teachers are probably the toughest audience for instructors.  I believe, through going through the process with us, our mentors can hone their own classroom strategies and procedures.  Also, since this is the first time I have heard of One […]

I am in the second week of our internships with the NC State ASSIST program.  We are designing and building wearable devices that address global health issues.  One of my goals throughout this internship is to develop strong resources and strategies to connect my students and our  work to the world.  I want my students to […]