6/30/2015 – The goals of my internship

June 30th, 2016 by Maria Eby

I am in the second week of our internships with the NC State ASSIST program.  We are designing and building wearable devices that address global health issues.  One of my goals throughout this internship is to develop strong resources and strategies to connect my students and our  work to the world.  I want my students to think globally and act upon what we see in the world, using math and science to address issues.  Through the One Health connection, I have been introduced to, and have accessed many tools that I can share with my students, as well as topics to use to develop the driving questions for our projects.

Another goal of mine is to network with cohorts and facilitators to widen my circle of connections and resources.  I would like to have a group of professionals, beyond my own school building,  to consult with, invite into my classroom, share ideas and resources, and form long lasting collaborative relationships.

A third goal of mine is to grow in my ability to integrate math and science while staying focused on real-world connections.  The 6th grade Science teacher and I work very closely together.  She is participating in a PBL fellowship this summer, and we plan on building projects together using the tools we both acquire.  Additionally, I hope to grow in integration across the curriculum, as our core team is planning on theme teaching through PBL this upcoming school year.

I also hope to grow as a leader.  As part of the PBL coaching team at my school this upcoming year,  I want to fully equip myself with, not only knowledge, but strategies that help people to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about dipping their toes into something that may be new to them.  I want to build my skill set in being able to help develop differentiated, relevant and useful PD for our staff. I also want to deliver PD in a non-threatening, participatory manner, giving those involved a voice in what, and how we explore together.

One goal I didn’t anticipate, but am now adding to my list, is growth in understanding the benefits of team building and the coaching of collaboration.  This is something I have consistently implemented in my classroom, however, working with a team that was created by our facilitators, I am with people I did not know before our team was formed.  This gives me a whole new perspective.   Through this experience, I am in my students’ shoes.  When I form teams without giving my students choice, especially at the beginning of the year, they find themselves exactly where I am.  By experiencing this first hand, I have grown in my understanding of how important team building is before the work even begins.  This is great reinforcement for me, as I sometimes hesitate to dedicate the time it takes to do this before beginning a projects due to time constraints and schedules.  Another thing that I am gaining is growth in understanding how to coach teams through personality differences, open-mindedness and making sure everyone has a voice.


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