So….what what’s in this for NC State ASSIST (my mentor’s organization)?

July 8th, 2016 by Maria Eby

I think this internship gives ASSIST a bird’s eye view of the process of educating educators.  Teachers are probably the toughest audience for instructors.  I believe, through going through the process with us, our mentors can hone their own classroom strategies and procedures.  Also, since this is the first time I have heard of One Health, as it was for many of my cohorts, ASSIST can increase awareness of, not only what they are doing, but of the global health concerns we face today.  Through educating us, ASSIST is setting the foundation for exponentially sharing what they share with us.

The students of today are the innovators of the future.  Through increasing teacher’s knowledge of the EDP and increasing our global awareness, we will bring that back into our classrooms, share with our cohorts, and integrate into our curriculum. This will increase awareness and, ideally, inspire action in line with the goals of ASSIST and how they connect to all of us.

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