Successes and challenges transferring internship experience into education resources

July 14th, 2016 by Maria Eby

One resource that will easily transfer back into my classroom is a deeper understanding of teamwork.  I was asked to do exactly what I consistently ask my students to do. I was asked to collaborate on a long term project with a team that was selected for me on a product that required knowledge and skills beyond my expertise.  This has equipped me with  the understanding only personal experience can provide.  This will transfer easily back into my classroom as I coach my students in teamwork and collaboration.  It will also transfer back to my school as I coach other teachers in Project Based Learning.  Not only will I be helping teachers develop plans to help get their kids collaborating, I will also be coaching the them on collaboration with each other.  Having worked with adults outside my building, grade level, and subject matter has definitely given me insight into adult collaboration, which can definitely pose some different challenges than student collaboration.

I will also take back the One Health connections to my students.  One Health is a wonderful resource for real world connections to learning, and my curriculum easily ties to many global issues One Health addresses.

A challenge I have been having during this internship in connecting the actual product and process to my own classroom has been the curriculum.  This project has been very science heavy.  Little math has been required, and when it is, it is far above what I teach in 6th grade or unrelated to the standards.  I will use the One-Health challenge my students will participate in this upcoming school year to deepen the math connections with the products they are working on, and create a more customized connection between the project and my curriculum.

Overall, I have experienced truly authentic growth in areas I didn’t even expect to address during this internship.  There is no replacement for first-hand experience.  I identify so much more with my students and cohorts in regards to working together to create and problem solve than I did before this experience.  I am eager, not only to implement some new collaboration strategies in my classroom, but also to help create similar opportunities for the teachers in our building that are working toward enhancing project based learning in their classroom with their teams.



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