What have I learned that will change how I teach this year?

July 28th, 2016 by Maria Eby


Although I already knew, and believed personality types play a large role in our interactions with others,  I didn’t take a really good look at how and why.  The Myers Briggs test we all took was so eye opening and helpful to understanding myself and others.  This is something I will do in my classroom this year.  I have a new appreciation for the importance of knowing ourselves and our peers in order to understand and honor them.

Even though my classroom is designed to be student led, and we learn through project based learning, I have not focused on the engineering design process as much as I should have.  Having gone through the internship, and the EDP with my team, I realize how important it is to introduce this to my students and consistently support them in consciously implementing the process as we work through our math based projects.

Also, my internship has inspired me to more aggresively integrate science, social studies, and ELA into my projects.  I witnessed first hand the power of strategic, and authentic integration and want my students to have that same experience.

This experience reminded me that education should be, and feel, fun.  The atmosphere I create in my classroom  greatly determines the attitudes of my students.   The STEAM PD we participated in re-ignited my passion for creating that positive energy in my classroom everyday.  Music makes such a difference.  Playing is essential.  Laughing is required.

I feel more empowered as a teacher leader having gone through this experience.  Having the chance to spend so much time with so many excellent educators helped me shape and refine my philosophies.  Knowing so many others are working toward positive change in education, as well as in their own classrooms and schools is inspiring.  I am more confident than I have ever been in sharing strategies, ideas, philosophies and experiences with our staff.  I am excited to invite them into my classroom so they can feel the energy and witness the unfolding of excellent collaboration.


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