August 6th, 2016 by Maria Eby


One way I will definitely connect my summer internship to my classroom is by having a group of my students compete in the One Health Challenge ASSIST will be hosting this upcoming school year.  We were generously provided with class sets of technology by ASSIST.  Our students will use this technology to create a wearable device to enter into the competition.  I will be asking my ASSIST mentor  to come in to our classes and introduce the project and provide some guidance on how to get started.  I will also invite her back during their project work so she can provide feedback in her area of expertise.

Additionally, I will be inviting one of the professors who we visited to come present to my students.  He connected what we are learning in math to the real world so wonderfully, I know my students will make the connections as well.

Through bringing experts into my classroom, introducing new technology, exploring quality resources, and making connections between our curriculum and real world problem solving, my classroom will be rich in all I gathered from my summer internship. One of the reasons I pursued this fellowship was to make these type of connections for my students, as well as grow in my ability to connect their learning to concrete global issues.  I am thrilled to be able to be able to share all that I have gained with my upcoming students.

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