Working with my Mentor

January 2nd, 2017 by Maria Eby

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Elena Veety as my mentor during my internship at NC State ASSIST.  Elena gave me freedom to explore and learn on my own, but was always there to work with me side by side to help me stretch beyond my comfort zone and challenge myself with new things.  Because of Elena, I actually successfully coded a piece of our project, and understood what I was doing!!  Coding is something that has always indimitated me.  It seems so foreign and overwhelming, but Elena was able to break it down and walk me through the process, allowing me to synthesize the information.  In reflection I have noticed that I have subconsciously steered clear of embedding coding into any of my lessons.  After my internship, I am happy to say that I feel empowered to introduce my students to coding and give them opportunities to challenge themselves, as Elena did for me.

I definitely plan on working with Elena again, and am looking forward to inviting her into my classrooom.

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