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Being chosen as a Kenan Fellow and working with the Ply Gem company in their Research and Development department is such an honor. The other fellows and I are gathering at NCCAT in Cullowhee, which is located in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. During the week, we have extensive educator-led professional development, which is phenomenal. Each of the sessions I’ve attended had practical applications to my classroom, allowed us time to process and question, as well as encouraged collaboration.  (The intense learning is alternated with a whitewater rafting and s’more making!)

Made possible through generous benefactors, the educators here are immersed in experiences throughout the state of North Carolina, which will be brought back into our own classroom and shared with others. The teachers here are so wonderful and make me proud of my profession. Dedication is embodied in these people.

Networking as a teacher is so important, as often we are isolated in our classrooms. I’m excited to think of the possibilities afford to me as a Kenan Fellow and how my circle is expanding. We talk about PLNs (Personal Learning Networks), which helps keep us connected via social media with other educators. Having this group of professionals as cohorts will help me hone my skills and infuse new ideas into my classroom.

Never stop learning!

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Here’s @MsHiccksEnglish leading one of her sessions – this one on using Seminar discussions. As an English teacher who designs cross-curricular lessons, she has much knowledge to share pertinent to my classroom.

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