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The Gifts that Never Stop Giving


I was always taught that if I enter a space, I need to leave things BETTER than I found them. This actually came from the fact that my parents were tired of me leaving my toys and games all over the place after I was done playing, but I eventually transferred it over to other aspects of life- especially my interactions with others. If I form any type of relationship with a person or work in a space for a period of time, I want to leave them with something that will help them in some capacity in the future. In other words, if you are gracious enough to entertain my presence, I want to make sure I give you something in return.

But, what do you give to someone that already has almost everything on Earth? If you would have asked me this a month ago, I wouldn’t have known what to tell you. Seriously, I’m working at the Google Fiber office! My first thought here- it’s really cool that I was selected of all people to do my fellowship here. It’s Google…probably the most recognizable brand in the world (not up for debate). Second thought- what could little ole’ me possibly have to offer such a grand company?

I spent my first few weeks trying to learn as much as I could about all of the ins and outs of the Google Fiber. Everything was moving so quickly. Who knew there could be so many acronyms in the world? This many types of cables and wires? Geez. I’d be in meetings looking this:

I got over it quickly. I understand most of it. But I figured that I’m not here to become an engineer, and that it’s okay if there are a few areas I’m fuzzy in. After all, I can’t possibly learn in five weeks what many of these people have been doing for the past twenty years. My goal here was to learn as much as I can, and help figure out a way to make the Create Your World even bigger and better using the knowledge I’ve acquired. That’s a pretty large task, right? It’s ok. That’s why I have Tia, Kayla, Jose, Brittaney, and many, many,  many others here to say:

I love the fact that they’re so willingly supportive.

Until this week, I was uncertain about exactly what my final product would be. I had a lot of ideas, but none of them were really jumping out at me. After a few meetings with a few of the good Fiber folks around here, I finally figured out what my final product will be. Sorry, I still can’t release too many details. What I can tell you is that we’re all really excited about it over here because it also involves a component of us giving back to the community.

So, back to my question from the second paragraph: what do you give to someone that already has almost everything on Earth? Two things:

  1. Yourself. Remember that you are your most valuable contribution to the world. Dream big, and don’t doubt yourself. Your ideas and values are valuable to those around you. When you share a part of yourself that others can learn from, that is an opportunity for others to share those same ideas to others that could benefit as well.
  2. The opportunity to give may be the most underrated gift of all, but it’s such an important one. Many people want to give, but don’t know the most effective way to do so. Once they figure it out, they continue to give, and those that have benefited from their philanthropy will perhaps become philanthropists someday, and this cycle continues forever.

Those are the gifts that anybody can give that never stop giving. You should try it sometime. In the meantime, I hope that mine have an everlasting effect on Google and all of its fiber, too.

Peace. Be G.O.O.D. Tune in for more next week…


5 thoughts on “The Gifts that Never Stop Giving

  1. Deborah Scherr-Freedman

    Tevin, I love your blog and really look forward to exploring your product. Never underestimate what you have to give. Your kids are so lucky! Anxiously awaiting new google ideas. Deborah

  2. Brittaney Rea

    Yay Tevin! We’re so excited to have you!
    Leave somewhere better than when you got there is my favorite advice of all time.

  3. Keshia Speight

    Tevin, your post is so inspiring. When you give yourself, the gift is genuine and full of sacrifice. Being able to give is a blessing that we must not take for granted. You are an awesome young man and you are wise too.

  4. Mitchell Harper

    I like the mystery behind your product. Although you can’t give many details, I think that in the long run any product you have that will help to give back to the community is the best product that you can have. Essentially, when I think about a product, if it is something that incorporates the students giving back to the community that would even be better. Teaching students the beginnings of philanthropy is something that all model teachers should strive for.

    Oh and that “What?” gif is exactly how I felt in any meetings I had at my USDA meetings, especially near the beginning (had legit no idea what any of the terminology was that they used).

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