January 11th, 2017 by Tiffany Parks

The Kenan Fellow/Mentor partnership is the foundation of our program. What does this partnership mean to you? Did you work with a single mentor or multiple professionals? I had multiple professionals at NCSU that I was working with.  It was great having a variety. Describe a time when your mentor helped you understand something or […]

You developed and implemented your Personal Remote Learning (PRL) plan.  Please reflect on this experience and describe what it has meant to you.  How does the KFP Professional Learning program compare to other professional development you have had in the past? This plan is very similar to professional development plan.  I do a plan each […]

You are six weeks into the school year.  Describe one new tool or strategy you have implemented. How and why you are using it? What impact is it having on you and your students? Well, to be honest, I have changed counties and school levels.  So this transition has been an adjustment to my schedule […]

Describe at least one way you can connect your summer internship experience to your classroom curriculum. This summer was the best summer job I have ever had.  I had such an amazing time working with other teachers and learning new things.  My time at NCSU also offered opportunities to tour facilities and meet college professors […]


September 30th, 2016 by Tiffany Parks

Describe something that you’ve learned as a result of your fellowship that will change how you teach this year. How did this experience change your outlook as an educator? This experience was amazing.  The collaboration between fellows is the best platform I have ever seen.  I learned so much from listening to other teachers.  No […]

Why I Teach

August 23rd, 2016 by Tiffany Parks

Why do I teach?  There are so many reasons to give that I’m sure many before me have given.  I can tell you in order to be a teacher you must love something about it or you would do something different.  The reason is definitely not money, at least not in North Carolina.  So what […]

Do you think ALL P.E. teachers role out the balls? Well you are wrong.  This summer I have been learning from some of the best and brightest at NCSU.  I have learned about textiles, machinery, microscopes, nanotechnology, wearable applications and etc. a list of things that I would struggle to spell correctly.  With this information […]


July 7th, 2016 by Tiffany Parks

In the future I hope that my lesson plans and experiences help encourage other Health and Physical Education teachers to apply for the Kenan Fellows program.  Even though I am not the typical fellow, there is still a lot of knowledge and resources available.  This opportunity has shown me to collaborate more with other teachers […]

According the Assist Center, their goals for educators are to “strengthen the STEM pipeline and promote technical literacy and motivation to contribute to solving the Grand Challenges set forth by the National Academy of Engineering” My personal goals for the project are to gain knowledge about wearable technology and how I can incorporate into the Physical Education […]

    I teach High School Health and Physical Education.  This summer I am working at the Assist Center on the North Carolina State University campus. Our project is to design a wearable device that can improve health.  This process that we are having to utilizing is the One Health Challenge.  This Challenge can […]