Summer internship connections to curriculum

October 3rd, 2016 by Tiffany Parks

Describe at least one way you can connect your summer internship experience to your classroom curriculum.

This summer was the best summer job I have ever had.  I had such an amazing time working with other teachers and learning new things.  My time at NCSU also offered opportunities to tour facilities and meet college professors from various backgrounds.  At one point I was talking to a colleague about a tour, “that was awesome, I wish I had known about that major when I was in school.” My colleague’s response, “Did they have that major then?”

I feel like this opportunity educated me more about things that were not necessarily in my realm of content that I teach.  Having this information that I can personalize and share with my students if another great reason why the Kenan Institute is so valuable.

As for technology, my students are amazed at the sensors and how to utilize them.  They think that I am the fanciest PE teacher they have ever had with my iPads, sensors, and data.  I know that this will impact the way they view PE and possible they might venture into a career in exercise science.

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