Apply Now for a 2018-19 Kenan Fellowship

October 18th, 2017 by Amneris Solano

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership is accepting applications for its 2018-19 Fellowship year through Jan. 22, 2018.

These Fellowships address the critical need to develop and empower high-quality teachers, who, in turn, make learning more authentic for students. The Fellowship begins with a summer internship in a higher education lab or industry setting and is supported by 80 hours of professional development that focuses on building leadership capacity and proven instructional strategies.

Fellowship projects have a unique set of criteria that in some cases is restricted by district, grade level, and subject. Projects vary from scientific research to work experiences in the agriculture and high-tech manufacturing industries.

Each Fellow is awarded at least a $5,000 stipend and must develop and implement relevant educational materials and/or programs based on their internship experience. Fellows remain in the classroom while completing the year-long fellowship.

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