April 2nd, 2018 by Emily Warnke

Kindergartners are never lacking in enthusiasm and energy in their learning.  When I first began my PBL for kindergarten on movement and animal research I knew they would love the imaginative whole body activities and opportunity to create.  They did not disappoint! 5 year old students eagerly “fetched” balls across a mat, crawled under bars […]

First of all, I’ve changed through my Kenan Fellowship experience just by seeing the greater STEM world outside of the classroom. As a Kenan Fellow this summer, I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks at Siemens Energy.  The opportunity to learn first-hand about STEM careers in our community was invaluable.  At Winget Park, I […]

During the 3 weeks that I spent at Siemens, one major aspect was apparent in every department of that facility, the importance of organization and efficiency.  Siemens uses many different “Lean Manufacturing” concepts to allow them to maximize their time and efforts.  Their tool boxes are meticulously labeled and organized.  All stakeholders in a section […]

When I was at Siemens, I had the opportunity to shadow many different career opportunities at the company.  It amazed me that whether it was a traditionally STEM career such as engineering, or one that was not, such as sales and marketing, how important the STEM (Strategies That Engage Minds) skills are for the success […]

My Siemens experience was amazing.  It really hit home the need for educators to get out in the real world (out of the classroom)  and get first hand experience that we can bring back to the students.  I told my mentor yesterday, my students are going to get so tired of hearing, “This summer during […]

My internship experience has been amazing so far at Siemens Energy.  I have met so many people who do a wide array of STEM related jobs and seen first hand the manufacturing of enormous equipment that provides power to areas around the world.  Each day brings a new and different person to shadow and learn […]

I came up to NCCAT with lots of questions, a little bit of nervousness about what I had gotten myself into, and a lot of excitement.  I am leaving NCCAT with so much more. Picking just one highlight is impossible so here are some of the most important take aways from my week … Relationships, […]

Hello world!

June 18th, 2017 by Emily Warnke

Excited about the Kenan Experience.  Amazing first day of getting to know the other fellows and what will be happening this school year! Retroactively completing this post… What do I hope to gain from my Kenan Experience? I am looking forward to getting real world/life experience in something very different from my classroom.  I hope […]