Kenan Summer Institute Reflections

June 23rd, 2017 by Emily Warnke

I came up to NCCAT with lots of questions, a little bit of nervousness about what I had gotten myself into, and a lot of excitement.  I am leaving NCCAT with so much more.

Picking just one highlight is impossible so here are some of the most important take aways from my week …

  • Relationships, old and new, that were strengthened by a week of close quarters, challenges, tons of food and freezing cold water
  • Excitement for the summer internship and the new world that I will be exploring at Siemens. What will I learn?  How will I be able to translate the experience to the students?
  • Relief that the CMS Cohort all seems to gel great together, hugely important considering our project in the coming year.
  • Renewed by being in the presence of so many educators that truly have a passion for learning, growing and passing that love on to our students.
  • Defined, by my official Myers-Briggs initials but most importantly by my brand: PASSIONATE, EXPERIENCE DRIVEN PIONEER
  • Inspired by the great PD on PBL’s, Design Process Thinking, EdCamp and so much more
  • Motivated to work hard and keep pushing the envelope so that some day I might be invited to be on the steering committee!
  • Grateful to the people that made this happen, The Kenan staff, the NCCAT staff and the steering committee.

What a great week!  It will be hard to get back to the real world, but I am excited for the next steps on the Kenan Journey.

One thing I am excited about taking into my classroom is the format of EdCamp.  I think using that format as a beginning of the year, get to know your interests and talents activity to inspire Genius Hour type projects will be fantastic.

Comparing the Summer Institute to other PD is really not fair!  Great people, great place, great food, great pd, great downtime activities!

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