STEM Careers everywhere!!!

August 25th, 2017 by Emily Warnke

When I was at Siemens, I had the opportunity to shadow many different career opportunities at the company.  It amazed me that whether it was a traditionally STEM career such as engineering, or one that was not, such as sales and marketing, how important the STEM (Strategies That Engage Minds) skills are for the success of those professions.  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are essential in all jobs, from hourly labor to the top bosses at a company.  This emphasized the need for classes like B3 to help students develop those skills along side collaboration and communication.

I also came away from my internship experience with a strong appreciation for the apprenticeship programs that Siemens and other STEM industries in our area have established.  Not only are these apprenticeship programs financially beneficial, but the apprentices get valuable educational experiences both in the classroom and on the manufacturing floor.  With the skilled laborer work force quickly dwindling because of retirement, these careers are going to be in big demand moving forward.  I think at the elementary level, it is important for us to expose students to the possibilities out there.  So, as I start to prepare for this year, I not only will be talking about careers as engineers, doctors and scientist, but also machinist and welders!

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