June 23rd, 2017 by Jill Barclay

Since it’s difficult to describe the highlight of my week at the KFP Summer Institute, I’ll share many:

  • being introduced to NCCAT
  • branding myself as an educator and then as a CMS TLC
  • PBL PD and diving into the details of quality PBLs
  • “Beautiful Data” and gaining further understanding of the power of infographics and how to effectively design and use them in the classroom
  • gaining perspective on myself and my colleagues through the Myers Briggs Indicator
  • networking with extremely talented NC teachers
  • thinking of STEM as Strategies That Engage Minds
  • viewing technology as advances and not “digital devices”

I am extremely excited to create and share PBLs with my teams at school. Breaking down a PBL into 4 quadrants by thinking about:

  1. the standard
  2. skills necessary to master the standard
  3. careers potentially involved with the standard
  4. a question, which promotes critical thinking, to address the standard, has been a huge aha for me.

This structure makes sense to me, and I am eager to begin implementing them in our classrooms.

After a week in Cullowhee I left inspired and challenged. The last five days have made me think about myself as a teacher and teacher leader. I enjoyed being able to learn and share ideas and thoughts with fellow alumni, new fellows, my TLC, and a colleague from my school. The strong network of Kenan Fellows and the resources and expertise available gives me confidence for my upcoming project at Carowinds, and I am anxious to dig in! Carrie Hornton said, “Fail forward!” I keep thinking about how the depth of this quote. What does it mean to you?

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July 17, 2017 at 8:48 am, Nancy Addison said:

Hi Jill – I love good PBL in the classroom. I am eager to see you bring this to your classroom.

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