January 10th, 2018 by Jill Barclay

Focusing on the T of the traditional STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) acronym today. Recently I was able to attend a Digital Leader PLC meeting. Sometimes I seem to get inundated with meetings, and so I think oh just another meeting, but this one was far from it, and I am so glad I took the time to attend. We have talked at our school about the significance of being technology creators versus consumers meaning we want to challenge our students to create a product to demonstrate their learning instead of just using it to watch videos, play educational games, etc on it.


I attended a session titled “Embracing our New Reality.” The description was as follows: The time has come to blend traditional work products with multimedia components that engage and excite students. This is our new reality. It is time to kick it up a notch.


The goal of the session was to move from creating a poster, making a brochure, writing a story, and developing a presentation and advance all this through technology.


During this session they compared AR/VR/QR. AR-Augmented Reality was definitely brand new to me. We explored and Quiver. We looked at Freedom Stories and through an app on the ipad we scanned an image and additional information popped up-3D images, stories, etc. It made it interactive and engaging.


We looked at VR-Virtual Reality, too. Specifically we dug into Discovery VR, and we were able to walk through different experiences through the app.

I was introduced to a resource called on laptop or HP Reveal on an app in which we created overlays for a presentation. Another fantastic way to make a presentation interactive and more than just the traditional static Powerpoint.

Of course, the QR (Quick Response) code is one we have been using for quite some time now, but I gained a new dynamic site so we can keep and change links within a code. We talked about cutting up the codes and having to put them back together.

More acronyms for the education; however, these three: 1. AR, 2. VR, and 3. QR are all exciting and engaging means to help our students become creators and not just consumers of technology.

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