UNCC STEM Conference for K-12 Educators

January 10th, 2018 by Jill Barclay

I had the opportunity to attend the UNCC STEM conference for K-12 educators to kick off 2018:-) There was a plethora of choices to select to attend; however, I could only choose four for the day. Some takeaways from the sessions I attended include the following:

Engaging and Exciting: Using Technology Tools to Build Vocabulary

    • “Vocabulary lies at the heart of content learning.”
    • Extensions: Google Glue, Google Scissors
    • Screen Castify (record your screen)
    • SpeakIt
    • Digital sticky note tools: Dotstorming



The Privileged Pipeline: A Critical Analysis of K-12 STEM Education

  • Pipeline Problems: Eurocentric curricula
  • Legitimized frontloading
  • Historically Institutionalized Practices Guarding Access to the STEM Pipeline
  • “Unequal Childhoods” by Annette Lareau concerted cultivation
  • Gloria Ladson Billings and DJango Paris
  • James Spanks
  • Girls may not be entering STEM related fields unless we can present it as-How will STEM learning help others? Women want to help-nurture, medicine

Accelerate your PBL>with NASCAR real-world examples

  • How do I change friction to impact force and keep balance?
  • $ to participate-then they buy materials, labor, consulting fees, time to complete project
  • History-take things & rethink it

Targeting Invention Literacy with the Makey Makey (This was neat because they actually referenced Kenan Fellows)

  • Makeymakeyk12.com
  • The Science House
  • 6B lead pencils
  • Sketch It-Play It
  • Persuasion, attraction, compulsion

Can’t decide which I love more teaching or learning? Or is learning teaching? Or is teaching learning?

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