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March 25th, 2018 by Jill Barclay

As we continue to immerse ourselves in STEM at our school at times my head still spins thinking of all the possibilities. It’s exciting for sure! I am learning our school already does a lot of “STEM,” and it’s also just good teaching practice. This past week several of us had the opportunity to visit […]

Each school year our district provides teachers with four early release days that are intended for professional development. Last week was one of those days, and our school (Winget Park Elementary)  had the opportunity to head out of the building and visit Red Ventures, Pfaff Molds, Chiron, or Siemens. I had the fortune to go […]


January 10th, 2018 by Jill Barclay

Focusing on the T of the traditional STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) acronym today. Recently I was able to attend a Digital Leader PLC meeting. Sometimes I seem to get inundated with meetings, and so I think oh just another meeting, but this one was far from it, and I am so glad I took […]

I had the opportunity to attend the UNCC STEM conference for K-12 educators to kick off 2018:-) There was a plethora of choices to select to attend; however, I could only choose four for the day. Some takeaways from the sessions I attended include the following: Engaging and Exciting: Using Technology Tools to Build Vocabulary […]

As we evolve into a partial STEM magnet school, we continue to look at where we are currently and where we would like to go. Our principal’s laptop cover now displays a STEM sticker we snagged at the Fall Institute, and when he is talking with teachers, parents, and community, one of his talking points […]

As an elementary school in the early months of our partial magnet journey we are just getting our feet wet with experiences related to STEM. One of our first field trips highlighting STEM was just 5.5 miles down the road to our feeder high school-Olympic Community of Schools. We were invited to their TechFest. About […]

Yes, STEM is an acronym for Science-Technology-Engineering-Math; however, at the Kenan Summer Institute during one of our break-out sessions we learned it’s Strategies That Engage Minds. Last week as I visited classrooms at our school with my principal he made the comment students are compliant but he asked the question are they engaged? What does […]


August 24th, 2017 by Jill Barclay

Shout-out to Michelle Beatty and her mentor, Jess George, at Google Fiber who put together an incredible event last week. All STEM and STEAM schools were invited to attend Tech on Tap, a free hands-on-experience where teachers could learn more about the STEAM To-Go mobile labs and gave us an opportunity try out the different […]

Writing-hydraulics-design process-communication! These all stick out to me as I reflect on the week behind me. Writing and hydraulics especially jump out to me because I’m not sure how much either have been on my STEM radar. Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Foshee, Manager of Digital Marketing, and I […]

From visiting the campground to playing “Plants and Zombies” to riding “Fury” to touring maintenance to shadowing the operations manager STEM is everywhere at Carowinds. I am sure like most, when I originally heard STEM I saw tunnel vision perhaps and thought Science-Technology-Engineering-Math, but as I learn about the NC STEM Attribution Implementation Rubrics, I […]