Looking back at my first blog post from last June, I realize a lot has happened in one year! I have changed and grown as a person and an educator. I have taken on more leadership and dared to try new things. I feel like I was already on a path toward STEM and my […]

“Ah-ha!” That moment when a student gets it. That moment when a student looks at you and smiles. That moment when two kids are working together and figure it out. That moment when one child gets it and shares their knowledge with another. I have experienced many of these moments over the course of the […]

My Kenan fellowship has changed me in numerous ways. It opened my mind to learning about different STEM careers, helped me to become a better colleague and teacher.   As the Academically Intellectually Gifted teacher at my elementary school, I work with teachers at every grade level as well as coaches and other specialists. My […]

Wow! Six weeks have flown by! It has been an extremely busy start to the new school year.  My role as the school’s AIG teacher allows me to interact with students from K to 5. I feel that I have continued to learn and change in my role of integrating STEM into my work with […]

My internship at the Environmental Protection Agency exposed me to a wide variety of careers of which I was previously unaware. When I gave a brief talk about my experiences to several EPA scientists, I joked about my preconceived notions of what the EPA did. From regular appearances on the Simpsons to the villain in […]

My internship experience at the Environmental Protection Agency for the past several weeks has been such a fantastic and educational opportunity. One of the most interesting aspects has been to realize the incredible diversity of professionals working at the EPA – from lawyers to environmental engineers to air-quality specialists. I was also intrigued by many […]

My experiences at the Environmental Protection Agency over the last few weeks have been educational and eye-opening. It has been a fantastic learning experience for me. Trying to process all of the information and convert that into lessons that I can use with elementary school children has been exciting and challenging. My biggest challenge has […]

It has been an amazing week at the KFP Summer Institute. There have been so many experiences that helped me to grow as an educator. However, the highlight of my week was white water rafting on the Nantahala River. I had never been rafting before so this was a completely new experience for me. On […]

I am very excited and eager to begin my fellowship experience over the next several weeks. First, I feel confident that I will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge from spending time with the scientists and researchers at the Environmental Protection Agency. I have always been interested in the role that this organization has played […]