My Experience at the EPA

July 28th, 2017 by Jen Cypra

My internship experience at the Environmental Protection Agency for the past several weeks has been such a fantastic and educational opportunity. One of the most interesting aspects has been to realize the incredible diversity of professionals working at the EPA – from lawyers to environmental engineers to air-quality specialists. I was also intrigued by many professionals working in the area of environmental justice, focusing on the environmental impact that affects less fortunate populations.  The most surprising realization was that a team of scientists work at the EPA but are technically part of Homeland Security. Their role is to study the possible effects and clean up of the air, water, and environment in the case of an emergency.  


My biggest challenge has been processing such a huge amount of information in an incredibly short time. Wanting to do so much with the information and knowing that I need to choose and focus on one area has been difficult. But I know that over the years, I will be able to incorporate a lot of my new knowledge into my teaching practice. One of my biggest takeaways is a new understanding of the Environmental Protection Agency and respect for all the interesting and dedicated professionals I have been able to meet.  So many people offered to come to speak to my students that I know I will be able to be a resource for my school and county to connect professionals to the appropriate teachers and students.  I also have learned about such a wide variety of professions in the STEM field for my students to explore.  

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