“Ah-ha!” March Blog

April 21st, 2018 by Jen Cypra

“Ah-ha!” That moment when a student gets it. That moment when a student looks at you and smiles. That moment when two kids are working together and figure it out. That moment when one child gets it and shares their knowledge with another.

I have experienced many of these moments over the course of the past year. Being a Kenan fellow, learning about project-based learning, and incorporating STEM into my teaching have all had an impact on my year.

During the air-quality PBL that I talked with a group of fourth and fifth-grade students, we learned about cookstoves and created solar ovens in our maker space. The students definitely had an “ah-ha” moment when they realized that the solar ovens were actually working! They were even more excited when they were able to eat the s’mores!

Incorporating stem in the Makerspace with students from kindergarten to fifth grade has given me the opportunity to see that look of pride when students are successful at an engineering task. From building houses to bridges to instruments, students have shown creativity and collaboration.

My Keenan fellowship has allowed me to grow and change as an educator, which in turn, has enabled my students to have more “ah-ha” moments.

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