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Prompt: You are creating a product that transfers your internship experience into educational resources. Please describe the challenges and successes you are experiencing.

The biggest challenge with our product, creating Ag Night, is trying to transfer an elementary school model that can be successful with high school.  Jason and I have decided on a location and have a general idea of what we want the night to look like but it is very different from Ag Night done in other counties.  I am hoping our original idea can live up to the scrutiny and will have a successful turn out.  We are scheduled to present our plan at the Farm Bureau board meeting on August 8th.  Getting a thumbs-up from them will be a huge relief.

We are planning to reach out to the sites we’ve visited during our internship and ask them if they would be willing to be present at our Ag Night.  They have all been very welcoming and interested in bringing awareness to agriculture in our county so I’m hoping they will be eager to participate. We only have 2 more days of the internship and then we can focus 100% on our project. 

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