How Important is Agriculture?

August 30th, 2017 by Jason Salter

It’s really scary to read about the predicted need to increase agricultural production by the year 2050.  Are we really capable of doubling production to support the increased world population?  The number of farms have been decreasing steadily for many years.  Land is being lost to other industries, but the need for agricultural production will always exist and we have to find new ways to increase that production.  I think it may come down to two critical points.  First, we have to convince our youth that agriculture is a worthwhile industry that welcomes newcomers.  It’s not limited to specific farming families that have numerous acres of land.  There are many careers available that would allow an individual to make their mark on progress.  From biochemist to the owner of your local produce stand, we all have a huge responsibility to make change work.  Second, I am not sure that increasing production would be such a daunting task, if we could develop more efficient ways to decrease waste.  In our country, there is a tremendous amount of goods that are simply thrown in the trash, and not just in your household.  Legislature and consumer demand really impact what can be purchased/used and for what purpose.  We are discarding items that could be used for another purpose or in a different way.

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