I don’t have my assignment because I was absent and you didn’t give it to me. Not!

October 12th, 2017 by Jason Salter

We are about six weeks into the new semester at East Carteret High School.  Despite all the normal chaos that comes along with beginning a new year, my classes are going well.  I have implemented a Google Classroom for each of my Animal Science I courses, as well as for Agriscience Applications.  This is a tool I first learned about through the Kenan Fellows Summer Institute and was later presented in a local professional development opportunity.  I have recognized the need to make use of more technology in my Agricultural Education classes, but also recognized my lack of tech savvy.  Google classroom is an awesome tool that is easy to use and my students love it!  I use it to present class starters each day, as well as all slideshows, guided notes, assignments, announcements, and lots of other information relevant to the learning environment.  It is a great way to communicate with my students in a professional way and it demonstrates my desire to be a life-long learner.  My only wish is that I had made use of this tool sooner!

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