Have I Been Impacted?

April 6th, 2018 by Jason Salter

I definitely think Kenan Fellows has been a positive experience.  After teaching mathematics for 14 years, in the public school setting, I transferred over to Agricultural Education.  It has been challenging at times, but well worth the effort.  For the first couple of years of this adventure, I was struggling to complete the curriculum while completing the many tasks/projects Ag teachers take on daily.   My Kenan Fellowship opened doors through networking with local farmers that I will continue to use in my classes.  In my opinion, the single most important task that I have daily is to teach my students the skills necessary to be a productive employee.  For me it is simply making sure they are ready to have a boss and can get their work done efficiently.  As a result of connections made through this fellowship, some of my students now have summer employment.  They will be working in harvesting potatoes, commercial fishing/aquaculture, and construction.

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