Really, in our County?

April 6th, 2018 by Jason Salter

Throughout the school year, I have had the opportunity to carry some of my classes to meet the agribusinesses I visited during this fellowship.  My Sustainable Agriculture Production I class had the opportunity to visit Open Ground Farms for a presentation by Mr. Antonio Cinti Luciani.  He gave a history of the farm from the beginning owners and their mission to the present.  Mr. Antonio described the process of clearing 36,000 acres of land, while constructing the infrastructure that exists today.  What really caught the attention of my students was the discussion on sustainability on such a large scale.  Why does OGF pay such close attention to cultivation methods and precision agriculture?  So they can continue to produce a commodity year after year.  Sustainable agriculture is making use of the most current methods of production.  However, that doesn’t mean mistakes aren’t made.  The growth from those mistakes will ultimately decide whether sustainability can be reached.

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