Meeting Growth?

April 30th, 2018 by Jason Salter

Growth estimates/predictions are the norm nowadays.  As teachers, we are bombarded by an avalanche of data that is to drive our instruction.  It seems that what we are asked to do, in most cases, is to find a way for all our students to be successful on some sort of End-of-Course Test.  Often times, in my opinion, those test scores get in the way of teaching and learning.  Just because a student can choose C on a test, does not mean they know the material and/or can apply it when needed.  I understand that we need an instrument that assesses student learning, but I also believe that performance based should be a huge part of that tool.  This fellowship has really opened my eyes to what potential employers are looking for in employees and expanded my knowledge of the vast opportunities my students will have later on.  It’s not always about that one test, but about teaching and learning that can influence applications in the workplace.

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