2021-22 Fellowships

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership offers a wide variety of immersive summer work experiences that are supported by two residential professional learning institutes. The Program is funded by the generous support of its many corporate, education, and foundation partners.

Public and charter school K-12 teachers are eligible to apply. The Fellowship projects are restricted to the school districts of the counties in which they are initially offered. The Fellowship requires a year commitment. In some instances, Kenan Fellows will be expected to remain in the projects’ school districts during their Fellowship year. Interviews are conducted in March — if an applicant plans to switch schools in the upcoming summer (even within the same district), please inform your interview team.

Some Fellowships are only offered to educators who teach specific grade levels and content areas. Please read the project descriptions below to determine your eligibility. You must complete and submit an online application to be selected for a fellowship.

Applications for the next cycle will begin in December.

Building Sustainability and Community with American Zinc Products

Partner with American Zinc Products, whose focus is to maximize the recovery and reuse of steel byproducts, turning them into valuable materials that help fuel the economy.  Learn about how AZP creates a sustainable future through a commitment to safety and the environment in the communities they serve so that all can find success together.

Districts: Rutherford, Cleveland, Polk
Location: Mooresboro, NC
Grades: K-12
Content: STEM, Engineering, Chemistry, CTE, Mathematics



The Magnificent Cell – Star of the Show

Join Dr. Paul Maddox and his team of researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill as they study cell division by making movies of the process and then measuring the size, speed, packing, and shape of cellular features. Learn high-resolution microscopy and quantitative image analysis while expanding your understanding of cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, and developmental biology. Integrate your experiences into your instruction to help your students untangle the mysteries of cell division.

Districts: Alamance, Chapel-Hill/Carrboro, Chatham, Durham, Granville, Lee, Orange, Person, Wake
Location: Chapel Hill
Grades: K-12
Content: Math, Science, Statistics, Computer Technology, STEM




Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools Computer Science and Information Technology Teacher Leadership Cluster

This fellowship is part of a CMS-sponsored district-wide teacher leadership cluster that partners with Mecklenberg County industries to vertically align the Middle and High School CTE Computer Science and IT curriculum. Five CTE educators will be selected to help realize the vision of increasing socioeconomic mobility and promoting community advancement through select internships with various industry partners in the CMS area. These internships will highlight the workforce development skills required for students to work towards a promising career right there in their community, and assist you with creating a product and a presentation that helps CMS to enhance programs with resources that build on knowledge from 6th through 12th grade.
District:  Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools
Location:  Charlotte, NC
Grades:  6-12
Content:  Computer Science and IT CTE educators only


Spurring Innovation in Manufacturing

Partner with industry experts at Cornerstone Building Brands to build your understanding of the innovative ways high-tech manufacturers are developing more energy-efficient and low-maintenance products for homes. Explore the entire process from research and development to production, and the technology behind these processes.  Experience the integration of science and business in this industry as you spend 3 weeks working on a small project to be utilized by Cornerstone Building Brands and transfer your entire experience to dynamic and engaging curriculum.

Districts: Gaston, Union, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Location: Gaffney, S.C.
Grades: K-12
Content: All