The Kenan Fellows Program requires a one-year commitment that is designed to allow you to maintain your current school system commitments. Each fellowship has a set of criteria that in some cases is restricted by district, grade level, and subject.

General requirements and criteria for applicants are listed below. For specific requirements unique to the opportunity for which you are applying, read about our 2021-22 Fellowships.


  • Certified public and charter school K-12 teachers
  • No required years of service, but a commitment to education in North Carolina
  • Commit to participating in a three-to-five week full-time summer internship plus 80 hours of professional development. (See timeline for specific dates)
  • Commit to developing and disseminating a project based on your internship
  • Remain in the classroom while completing the one-year fellowship
  • Remain in the projects’ school districts during their fellowship year

Selection Criteria:

  • Demonstrate the potential to develop your leadership capacity through the fellowship
  • Demonstrate the desire to engage students in critical thought and project-based approaches that prepare them to be successful in collaborative 21st Century work environments
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn from and partner with STEM professionals to transfer experiences from the workplace to students
  • Demonstrate a commitment to share the resources and products developed during the fellowship with colleagues at the school, district, and state level
Joanne Jeffries, FREEDM Systems Center, Kenan Fellow

“The Kenan Fellows Program gave me the confidence to conquer new opportunities. I feel my school year was better because I was able to apply new knowledge and projects for my students.”