Applying for a Fellowship

Each fellowship project has a unique set of criteria that in some cases is restricted by district, grade level and subject area. Applicants should review the individual project requirements prior to applying.

Applicants must:

  • Complete the online application in full, including a 500 to 1,000-word essay or provide a link to a 3-5 minute video addressing the prompts provided in the application.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation (one from an administrator and the other from a colleague or other professional contact). An application is considered complete when both letters of recommendation have been received.

Selection process:

  • A committee of Kenan Fellows Program staff, mentors and alumni review all completed applications between January and March.
  • Final candidates are invited for an interview in March.
  • Interviews are approximately 30 minutes, and the interview team includes staff, alumni and mentor/s.
  • Interviewees are assessed according to a standardized rubric.
  • Selections are made in April.
  • All applicants are notified of their status by mail in May.
  • You can view the application and instructions here.