Summer Internship

Kenan Fellows are required to complete a three-week (or at least 120-hours) internship in a local industry or research lab setting. The internship gives them the practical knowledge and application to communicate potential STEM job opportunities, and career-building skills to their students.

A typical summer internship is three weeks, 40 hours per week. Prior to starting the internship, Kenan Fellows and their mentors will arrange a time to discuss logistics such as security, parking and any regulations specific to the mentor’s facility. During the internship, Fellows and mentors begin to see the connections between the workplace and the classroom; and collaborate on ways to transfer what they’ve learned back to the classroom.

Each fellowship is unique and develops depending on the needs and desires of the mentor and the Fellow. Fellows will be asked to maintain contact with their mentor during the school year inviting him or her to their classroom or in some cases bringing students on field trips to their work when it is feasible.