Pausing to Catch my Breath

I’ve been a bit neglectful of my blog lately.  This semester has been, so far, a lot more intense than I anticipated.  It seems like it’s just more of everything…more planning, more parent meetings, more professional development.  More of everything except time to take care of my own to do list.  But, now, finally Fall Break has arrived.  It has been truly wonderful to have a week of downtime, to catch up, and to reflect.  I know that when I start back to school next week, I’ll be ready for the rest of the semester.

The big thing to report on is that my students finished their grant proposals.  Reading them was a really positive experience.  They were not, overall, perfect.  But, they showed a lot of effort and thought, while also giving me a better understanding of the scaffolding I need to do to get better products next time.

The little but also awesome thing to report is that it is so much fun to play music in my class!  I never did it before because I couldn’t settle on what to play, what would be appropriate that students would actually like.  Now that I’ve been introduced to some awesome resources like DJ Earworm, I love to pop on some music while students are doing an activity, especially one where I’m trying to get them to work quickly.  It changes the whole energy in the room, and reminds me that we can do serious work without having to be serious all the time.

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