The experience

Describe your internship experience.

  • What was the most interesting moment?
  • What was the biggest challenge?
  • Describe what you saw and did: Did you see one aspect of a company or lab or did you visit different departments or sites? Did you work with a single mentor or multiple professionals?
  • What was it like working with your mentor(s)? How did they open your eyes to a new industry or research?
  • What is your biggest take away?
  • NCCAT was an amazing experience. I would really love it if an experience like this could be utilized to develop educational resources. Where a group of teachers were put into teams to develop lessons around a theme or educational standard. Groups could give each other peer feedback through the process. I think that would be a fun and fulfilling process that would yield very high quality lessons very quickly.
  • The challenge was the lack of focus. There were many obligations and objectives. Most of the experience felt scattered and schizophrenic. It was challenging to make the most of the opportunities provided as so many things competed for attention.
  • We worked with several professors at NC state. We toured a variety of facilities related to the development of wearable devices.
  • The mentors were very nice and spent some time exploring the techniques of selling and promoting ideas to others.
  • The largest take away from these experiences were the need to teach students how to develop new ideas and engineering solutions to the problems we see in our lives.

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