Fellowship Gains….

  • Describe how being a Kenan Fellow could elevate your teaching career.
  • Give examples of how being a Kenan Fellow could improve your skills as a teacher and as a leader in your school and community.

Kenan will make available doors that were not open to me before.  I am hoping this opportunity I will be able to help more Beginning Teachers with their first couple of years.  I am hoping this will help me to work on different projects in my county to help improve programs.   I am hoping to work with different teachers to make them aware of the fellowship and One Health. This will bring a different type of awareness about the world around them. I know that wouldn’t have been able to do this without this opportunity.

Skills I am planning on honing and acquiring in this fellowship is; better leadership skills, more resources for my classroom, fellow teachers who have the same type of passion I do for teaching and work with teacher’s who can help me to move forward in my career.