Friday July 8

I see Vidant Health Careers benefitting from this internship because my presence gives insight into the daily workings of a classroom and a 3rd teacher. When I get to each of my meetings, I have many questions to ask. Everyone is so nice and eager to answer them. But every time, before the meeting is over, I am always asked what subjects I teach, what’s it like to be a teacher, how do you do it, how do you teach them the math they need to know at such a young age?? And the list goes on.
As soon as I answer the first question, here comes another one. I answer them all in the most honest and most professional of manners. I learn information about various health careers and how Vidant plays a major role in delivering quality health care to Eastern North Carolinians. Health Careers and many of the Vidant personnel get to know a little more about teaching 3rd grade. It’s really a win-win partnership.