When we establish “partnerships” between schools and business or organizations, the question is always: How it this partnership mutually beneficial?

That element is often missing, as schools ask and ask for support. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely hope that my students can come to Bayer on excursions, or that they will send me guest speakers, or video conference with our students. But I hope that I too can give back.

Bayer has a wonderful collection of resources to support their employees being ambassadors and getting them into the classroom. As a part of this internship, I will get to work on their Making Science Make Sense curriculum and workshop day. First, I will be developing and creating a resource for employees to use in the classroom, and even for teachers to expand their students’ understanding of science. They also host a Making Science Make Sense workshop for teachers to attend and gain knowledge of Bayer and STEM. During the full day workshop this year, I am planning to run their social media through their twitter and instagram accounts. Another way I have given back, is through posting on their blog about ways to increase STEM outreach.

Plus, I am now a Bee Ambassador and Bayer Ambassador!

Not to mention all my hard work and sweat in the greenhouse! We had the chance to plant, transplant, transport, water, and even harvest the soybean plants.

Giving Back to Bayer