1. “Having a whole day to connect with and learn from other educators is really refreshing – especially right before we start the new year!”                   IMG_1831
  2. “We got tons of new ideas and exposure to bio-tech to incorporate into the classroom.” IMG_1809
  3. “It was amazing how much they could teach us about pH testing and household items – who knew so much in your kitchen could have great learning chemical reactions.” IMG_1802
  4. “It’s so hard to get opportunities to interact with real scientists who are so down to earth and eager to work with students and teachers.”                        IMG_1804
  5. “I feel like I have a much better understanding of GMO after touring the greenhouse and hearing from their staff.”                                                                        IMG_1810
  6. “We loved see all the new hands-on examples with simple materials. Teachers are always on a budget, and I could definitely do these – they were so creative!” IMG_1816
  7. “Who knew so much of what we eat comes from bees! I had no idea how interesting they are.” IMG_1812
7 Reasons to #MakingScienceMakeSense

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