I previously posted about challenging Challenge Based Learning. Now I am simple struggling with challenges. As I reflect on my summer of learning, I am now beginning the school year excited, full of ideas, and eager to share all I learned. It was was if I was this full balloon, soaring into the 2016-2017 school year. We are now into September, and that balloon has slowly been deflating. I had lived in an educational engaging bubble, and that bubble has popped. Kenan Fellows are thrown back into their schools, and into the classroom, instantly faced with, and reminder of all the struggles of being an educator. Two major challenges have been my daily battle: How do I find the time and energy to share everything that I learned and experienced? I have sooo many ideas for content and curriculum, where do I start?

Multiple times, I revisited my Bayer Yearbook of notes, reminiscing of all those intellectuals I had met, and connections I made, only to close the notebook and get back to emails and logistics. The pressures of my daily role as a part of the administrative team draining my balloon.

Having too many ideas and enthusiasm is certainly a wonderful problem to have, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. However, how do I implement all I have learned to share with staff and students? Although we have submitted a lesson draft, there are so many other lessons to teach, where do I begin?

Where to start?

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