Being a Kenan Fellow is such an honor, it is a privilege, and a mark of leadership and skill. As a part of Kenan Fellows, I have grown as an educator and professional.

5 ways Kenan Fellows has impacted me:

  1. Networking – I had so many great connections with mentors (see mentor post) who made an impact. Just recently I was at World Cafe, a Wake Ed Partnership and WCPSS event, and there was Bayer! One mentor said to me “You are everywhere!” I have been very privileged to be a part of more networking opportunities to build connections for my students and staff.
  2. Content Knowledge – Science is drastically under-taught in elementary education programs. I learned so much from my time with them, and am constantly reminded in both my professional and personal life of that new knowledge. Just recently I educated a group casually at a restaurant about the truths behind GMOs.
  3. Professional Support – This program is so great at supporting our present and past fellows. I have encouraged several staff members to apply for this opportunity. Kenan Fellows help each other, and it has been great to see that network of educators spread.
  4. Leadership – As a part of Kenan Fellows I have been asked to lead more opportunities and be a better teacher leader. This has been great to be able to step up and share my expertise and knowledge with others. I feel like more of a leader than I was before, it has been somewhat of a mental shift for my career.
  5. Professional Development – The exposure to opportunities at conferences and fellowships to be grow as a professional. There is so much to learn, and we need to never stop learning!
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