Great Expectations

I have many expectations for my Kenan Fellowship.  I want my students to see that no matter how old or how educated you are, you never stop learning.  I want them to see that I am taking a step into new territory trying to do things I have never imagined.  I have always wanted to lead by example and be a good role model for others.  It is my hope that this experience will elevate my teaching to make my instruction more engaging for my students and help them learn with intention.  Since I have not began the specific project, I am unaware of all the connections my students can make to the science curriculum.  Although there are still many unknowns, I look forward to the discovery.  As a teacher leader, I am striving to utilize technology as a means to make my content and message more accessible to my students, parents, coworkers and community.  Having a dumb phone, I have not been connected in the social media realm.  I use cool technology in my classroom, but I fear it is all moving faster than I can adapt.  For this usually tech savvy teacher in the classroom, that means updating my cell to a smart phone will be essential.  As the year unfolds, I am quite certain that my current expectations will evolve and I embrace the opportunity to refine my goals as my vision becomes clearer.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

I am very excited for this wonderful opportunity provided by Kenan Fellows.  I knew when accepting this fellowship I would learn much within my field of science, but was not expecting to get the training and support for using so many new technologies.  Although my head is swimming with many ideas and my footing a little wobbly, I am surprisingly calm and eager to embark on this journey.  With the help and guidance of my new friends, I look forward to a life changing experience.