I really can’t believe that I am starting a blog. It’s a bit overwhelming to know that other people will be reading my thoughts lol. I am excited about being a Kenan Fellow. I grew up in a small town, Warsaw, NC. I use to joke with people when I was in college and tell people that I was from Warsaw, Poland because no one had ever heard of Warsaw, NC. I am an educator. I love teaching and I love my students. It has always been my dream to give back to my hometown and that’s exactly what I have been doing for the past 6 years. I started my teaching career at the exact elementary school that I attended! With some of the same teachers who taught me! How cool is that? This year I transitioned to the middle school that I also attended! Double awesomeness!

I always want to provide my students with as many opportunities as possible. I strive to be that teacher that not only teaches them the curriculum but also provides them with life skills that they will need in life. I believe that through Kenan Fellows, I will be able to make connections with educators across NC and open up other avenues with my students that I never would have thought of. Already in the 2 days that I have been at NCCAT (by the way, its BEAUTIFUL here) I have gained so much information that I can’t wait to bring back to my students and my externship hasn’t even started yet. I am excited about the opportunities that will open up by being a Kenan Fellow. I believe that now through my connection with Kenan Fellow, I will be able to bring more relevant and real world experiences to my students and the other staff members in my building. I am all about growing as an educator and helping my students to grow. Super excited about what the rest of this week at NCCAT and this year with Kenan Fellows will bring!

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