This summer we were all so eager and excited to get started with Kenan Fellow. We spent this summer working at the museum and writing lessons to go back and teach in our classrooms. And then…

The year started. Meetings happened. Workshops. Instruction. I feel like I have been slacking on my blog and keeping my Fellow friends updated on how things are going. This year my school purchased Accelerated Math. This is a new program for me and I am still trying to figure it out. The Math Department at my school decided that this would be an awesome program to use with our students because it can be differentiated and students can work on what standards they are struggling on. I use it after we have our Academic Checks and Data Day. Our Academic Checks are cumulative assessments that cover all standards taught up until that point. Academic Checks are given multiple times a year. After my students take their AC, we analyze their results and they choose standards that they need to work on based on their scores. This is where Accelerated Math comes in for me. I set students’ objectives based on the skills they say they need to work on. So far…so good. I am hoping to see some student growth on each Academic Check.

I will be posting again real soon…have to play catch up!

Where has the time gone?????