The networking throughout the fellowship has been unparalleled to any of my prior experiences. My students were recently able to participate in a day with Bayer Inc. as a result of networking that took place in our October PD institute. Bayer planned a day tailor made to the curriculum and career objectives for the student participants and the experience left the teachers and Bayer employees with enthusiasm and positive feelings. I have also been able to connect to policy making groups that advocate for scientific education, as well as network with our local Cooperative Extension Offices to create learning opportunities for the schools and classrooms that I serve.
I have always ascertained that a village educates a child. I feel no differently now. What has been incredible is that opportunities such as the fellowship have allowed me to interconnect the villages much like a food web. I am adding to the resources, knowledge, and experiences that my teachers and students can pull from.
A vitally important the networking and collaboration has had on me personally is that I have formed relationships with my peers in Kenan and those who have helped in the process and they continue to provide support professionally and personally that impact me every single day. I reference my experiences, use them in teaching or advocacy, and am reminded each day some lasting impression the last 9 months have made on me and the collaboration potential is endless.

Collaborative Culture